Wildlife & Leases

Claw Forestry manages its’ timberland in a way that promotes quality wildlife habitat and excellent hunting opportunities. Timber management activities such as mid-rotation thinnings, fertilizer applications and final harvests all create environments that foster and promote wildlife development and habitat diversity.

Leasing hunting property from Claw is more than simply just having a place to hunt or spend time on the weekends. Our hunting clubs take an active role in managing the property to maximize wildlife and habitat value and create exceptional recreational opportunities. Our team works closely with our hunting clubs each year to help them make the most of their hunting leases and is always around to answer any questions that may arise.

To contact us about hunting lease availability or for more information:


Tim Smith

Hoover, AL


Visit www.valleycreekland.com for more information on Alabama hunting lease availability

Email: info@valleycreekland.com

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