Timberland Investment

For over a decade, we’ve been creating value for timberland owners, investors and other stakeholders through a disciplined investment approach and sound management practices. Our partners benefit from business knowledge and experience that has stood the test of time – through changing landscapes in the business climate, economic expansion and contraction and forest management practices. Throughout these business cycles and the changing landscape, we’ve stayed the course and have built a reputation based on a disciplined investment approach, unique partnerships and a commitment to sustainability.

The Claw Forestry team has been invested in over half a million acres of timberland over the last decade. Our goal is simple: partner with like-minded investors to purchase timberland that offers compelling value and gives us an opportunity for attractive investment returns. Throughout our history, we’ve stuck to that goal – and we’ll continue to be guided by the same principles that the company was founded on.

While our current holdings are focused primarily in Mississippi & Alabama, Claw has owned or managed land all across the Southeastern United States. Our recent focus has been in the South Central U.S., where we believe some of the best timberland opportunities in the country are located. The timberland in these areas are some of the most productive timber growing regions in the country due to productive soils and a well-developed diversity of timber markets. Because of this, the forest products industry is the main economic driver in the primarily rural communities surrounding the timberlands. Through the continued practice of sustainable forestry operations, our timberlands in this region supply many mills in the surrounding area, supporting rural jobs and incomes throughout various communities.

Below, you’ll find some background on some of the timberland investments throughout our history:

Formed in 2000, Southern Timber Venture (“STV”) was the first endeavor by Claw Forestry. Approximately 388,000 acres were purchased with investment partner John Hancock with properties located in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. This land was primarily composed of upland pine land, mixed pine/hardwood land and bottomland hardwoods. Claw Forestry was chosen to lead the ownership and management of the venture, and Southern Timber Venture was formed.


Southern Timber Venture II (“STV II”) was a follow-on investment managed by the Claw Forestry team. STV II was formed in December 2010 and approximately 52,000 acres were purchased in Georgia and Florida. These properties consisted of a majority of upland pine land, mixed pine/hardwood land, and bottomland hardwoods and are located primarily in what is known as the Lower Coastal Plain of the Southeastern U.S. There is an abundance of timber end markets in this region (including developing bio-energy markets) and the optimal tree-growing climate and productive soils of this region make the timberland in this area among the most productive in the country.


Echo Renewable Resources (“ERR”) was formed in 2011 for the purchase of timberland in on the Florida/Georgia line near the Okenfenokee Swamp. Having some of the most productive timberland in the United States, the Coastal Plains region of North Florida/South Georgia has traditionally been an excellent place for timberland investors.

The timberlands of Clinch and Echols County in southern Georgia play an important part in supporting the health of the surrounding economy and environment. The purchase and management of 38,538 acres of timberlands by Echo Renewable Resources, LLC (ERR) helped to preserve the working forest, as well as the economic way of life for bordering communities in the forest products industry.

These timberlands are located near the Okefenokee National Wildlife Reserve (ONWR), the largest wildlife reserve in the eastern United States consisting of 403,000 acres. Given the property’s proximity to these important wetlands near ONWR, it was critical to ensure that the owner practice good stewardship.



Named for the swiftly flowing creek that winds throughout much of the property, Valley Creek Land & Timber, LLC is the ownership entity for approximately 70,000 acres of property in the heart of Alabama. Comprised of lands mostly acquired by Tennessee Coal & Iron during the late 1800’s, and subsequently purchased by US Steel Corporation in 1907, nearly every acre has a very rich history.

Not only have these land holdings not changed hands in over 100 years, the property has a storied past dating back to the Gilded Age when various corporations owned large swaths of land across the country as they raced to develop natural resources and construct massive railroad projects. As one of the last remaining large, mostly contiguous land holdings in the Southeast, this property is in a class of its’ own.

With the majority of the property located just minutes from the Birmingham city limits, it spans from Bankhead Lake on the West all the way to the Cahaba River on the East. Whether it’s hunting and fishing on the weekends, riding horses with friends, canoeing along the Cahaba or simply a weekend getaway, this property has something for everyone.

Managed by CLAW Forestry Services, LLC for timber production and recreational leases, the focus is on continued stewardship of the land. Our vision for this property is to carry on the legacy that has stood the test of time. You can learn more about our VCLT property at www.valleycreekland.com


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