Claw Forestry is first and foremost committed to the sustainability of our nations’ vast forest resources. It’s not only important to the future of our company, but it’s vital to the future of our environment – being good stewards of our resources is something that we feel a certain responsibility for and is something that we continually focus effort and resources on. Because of this, we always adhere to Best Management Practices (BMPs) on all managed timberland.


Promoting sustainable forestry is something that we believe in and is vital to the future sustainability of any forest plantation. We believe in promoting future growth of our timber stands and doing so in a sustainable manner. For this reason, we adhere to sustainability standards in the management of all of our timberlands. We believe that they promote sustainability and their efforts are something that we believe in. We manage to industry standard guidelines required of timberland management and are proud of our efforts in this area.







Claw Forestry isn’t just a fee-based land manager when looking at     acquiring new investments in the timberland space – we’re partners.      Unlike traditional TIMOs, we prefer to closely align our interests               with those of our investors and prefer to invest alongside our          investment partners into new investments that we all believe in.          Building relationships with our partners in business as well as                     our community partners is vital to our ongoing success as an      organization.



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